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Economic Base

Major Industries In Converse County: The largest employment sectors are government, retail, mining and services. The principal economic activities in the county are ranching, coal & oil production, railroad and other transportation, and tourism. Growth industries include business services, retail and wholesale trade, and mining.

Cost of Living Index

4th Quarter 2008

City/State All Items Index
Converse County 94.0
Dallas, TX 93.0
Minneapolis, MN 102.0
Phoenix, AZ 104.0
Denver, CO 105.0
Salt Lake City, UT 98.0
Spokane, WA 91.0
Las Vegas, NV 104.0

Major Employers

Converse County Product Employees
Schools Education 530
Powder River Coal Co. Coal Mining Co. 206
Kennecott Antelope Coal Co. Coal Mining Co. 94
City of Douglas Government 65
Power Resources Uranium Mining Co. 60
Trancisco Railcar Maintenance 51
Nutrawest Health Foods 35
Glenrock, WY Product Employees
Dave Johnston Power Plant Electric Generation 191
Schools Education 150
Rio Algom Coal Mining 70
City of Glenrock Government 27
Converse County Government 115