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HULETT, WY, was named for Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hulett, the first family to settle in the area in 1881. The beginning of Hulett at its present location was a store built in 1896 by Augustus L. Ripley. While one of the smallest municipalities in the region, the Town of Hulett, has a very active economy.

MOORCROFT, WY, is located on the banks of the Belle Fourche River where the highway crosses the "Old Texas Trail." Once the largest shipping point in the U.S. during the 1890's, today, Moorcroft has become a town based on ranching, coal and oil production. Here, the culture of the Old West remains alive.

SUNDANCE, WY, The Crook County seat, lies at the foot of the Sundance Mountain, so named because the Sioux Indians held their councils and religious ceremonies at a place called Wi Wacippi Paha, or Temple of the Sioux. It is believed that Harry Longabaugh, better known as the Sundance Kid, assumed his nickname in Sundance during his 18-month sentence for horse stealing.

PINE HAVEN, WY is located next to Keyhole State Park and considered the Recreation Capital of Northeast Wyoming. Pine Haven was organized under the State Improvement & Service District Act in 1977 and it was incorporated in 1987. Frank and Maxine Harwood were the primary organizers of the community, which Maxine named.

Aladdin and Beulah, unincorporated communities, are also in Crook County.

Here we are, come and join us in Crook County Wyoming USA!

Time Zone: Mountain/ Area Code: 307

Proximity to Major Cities/ Recreation Areas in Miles

  Hulett Moorcroft Sundance Pine Haven
Devil's Tower, WY 9 35 28 25
Keyhole Reservoir 40 17 23 3/10
Casper, WY 195 164 197 178
Cheyenne, WY 312 269 265 281
Chicago, IL 1,036 1,033 1,209 1,045
Dallas, TX 1,289 1,247 1,209 1,259
Denver, CO 410 368 381 380
Salt Lake City, UT 585 543 581 555
Yellowstone Nat'l Park 372 330 368 342