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Economic Base

Major Industries In Crook County: The largest employment sectors are government, agriculture, manufacturing, retail trade and services. The principal economic activities in the county are ranching, forest products, oil production and tourism. Other industries include automotive dealers and service stations, eating and drinking establishments, retail, lodging and recreation services.

Major Employers

Hulett, WY Product Employees
Nieman Sawmill Inc. (DBA Devil's Tower Forest Prod.) Timber 15
Schools Education 57
Hulett Post and Pole Timber 24
Moorcroft, WY Product Employees
Schools Education 80
Coffee Cup Fuel Stop Fuel/Deli 21
City of Moorcroft Government 13
Subway Shop Restaurant 12
Pinnacle Bank Financial 5
Fuller Construction Construction 5
Sundance, WY Product Employees
Crook Co. Medical Services Medical 101
Schools Education 100
Timber Industry Logging 70
Crook County Government 53
Energy Electric Construction 33
Powder River Energy Corp. Utility 46
Crook County Government 36
WY DOT Transportation 33
Pine Haven, WY Product Employees
Keyhole Country Club Golf 6
Harwood Lumber Mart Lumber/Lot Sales 3
Haven Bar & Grill Restaurant 3