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LUSK: The town of Lusk has a 38.7-acre business park. The Town of Lusk will be constructing internal streets, connections to sewer lines, waterlines, and electrical hook-ups. These infrastructure improvements will develop about half of the 38.7 acres, and the new infrastructure will stub into the back half of the property making that land easily developable in the future for additional business space or a residential neighborhood. The park has an existing building that is ready for occupancy. Please contact NEWEDC for questions and inquiries on this great business park. 307-686-1539.

Time Zone: Mountain/ Area Code: 307

Proximity to Major Cities/ Recreation Areas in Miles

Casper, WY 104
Cheyenne, WY 140
Chicago, IL 1,023
Dallas, TX 1,024
Denver, CO 240
Los Angeles, CA 1,119
Phoenix, AZ 1,053
Portland, OR 1,265
Seattle, WA 1,350
Yellowstone Nat'l Park, WY 370