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Economic Base

Weston County: The largest employment sectors are government and retail trade. The principle economic activities include ranching and dry land agriculture, oil and gas production, services and retail trade, as well as forest products.

Major Employers

Newcastle, WY Product Employees
School District Education 200
Arch Coal Coal Mine 130
Weston Co. Health Services Medical 138
Wyoming Refining Co. Gas/Oil/Diesel 75
Weston County Government 58
Dixon Brothers Trucking 35
City of Newcastle Government 33
Upton, WY Product Employees
School District Education 86
Town of Upton Government 7
Firstier Bank Financial Service 9

Source: Overall Economic Development Plan; Worthington, Lenhart and Carpenter, Inc. 1996; Where Are the Jobs? What Do They Pay?, Wyoming Dept. of Employment 1996.