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NEWCASTLE, WY nestled next to the foothills of the Black Hills, was first surveyed by J.H. Hemingway, the first superintendent of Cambria Coal Co., and was given the honor of naming the town. He named it Newcastle, after his birth place, Newcastle upon Tyne, England. On September 10, 1889, lots went on sale for $1,500 per 25 square foot land. By that evening $30,000 worth of lots were sold. The incorporation of the town followed with the first election held on Nov. 12, 1889. Frank W. Mondell was elected Mayor.

UPTON, WY, can trace its roots back to the early 1880's when a small community known as Irontown, sprang up along the banks of Iron Creek. It soon became known as Merino, for the sheep shearing sheds by the railroad, but the name was later changed to Upton. As with other communities in Weston County, Upton had it’s beginnings during the construction of the railroad. Railroad promoters such as Frank Burdick, Sr., were successful in promoting Upton as "The Best Town on Earth."

Osage, an unincorporated community, is also in Weston County.

Time Zone: Mountain/ Area Code: 307

Proximity to Major Cities/ Recreation Areas in Miles

  Newcastle Upton
Casper, WY 170 172
Cheyenne, WY 220 249
Chicago, IL 992 1,021
Dallas, TX 1,104 1,133
Denver, CO 339 368
Salt Lake City, UT 546 562
Phoenix, AZ 1,053
Portland, OR 1,265
Yellowstone Nat'l Park, WY 379 350