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Industrial Park

UPTON has a 600-acre park designated for industrial development. It is located near Upton along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, will serve as a transloading site for materials to be distributed across the Powder River Basin. Commodities such as cement and ammonium nitrate are gathered at the Upton Regional Industrial Park to support some very diverse energy development. Orica, a commercial explosives company, has already built an ammonium nitrate terminal at the park, and Bonneville Transloaders Inc. is hauling the material to Campbell County coal mines. Western Biomass Energy is operating a pilot cellulosic-ethanol plant, and Materi Operating and Materi Inspection is working out of the park. Cement and chemical plants are expected to be added in the months ahead. BTI has transloading operations at Moorcroft and near Upton, both of which will be consolidated at the Upton Regional Industrial Park.

NEWCASTLE: The City of Newcastle has a 25 acre industrial site of which 50% has been developed. In addition, there are several privately owned land sites industrially zoned. For further information, please contact the Newcastle City Hall at (307) 746-3535.