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Tax Information

Wyoming is a business friendly state.

Wyoming received the "most favorable" ranking for business from the Washington DC-based Tax Foundation. The foundation ranked all fifty states and the District of Columbia for fair and equitable tax systems for all business sectors.. Source:

Wyoming's tax benefits include:
  • NO Corporate Income Tax
  • NO Individual Income Tax
  • NO Intangibles Tax
  • NO Inventory Tax
  • LOW Sales/Use Tax
    • 4% State Sales/Use Tax
    • 1% General Purpose County Option Tax
    • 4% Lodging Option Tax
  • LOW Property Tax (See explanation below)

The Wyoming three-tier property tax structure is beneficial to residents and businesses. The following classes of property and the percentage of fair market value of property assessed for property tax are specified by Wyoming law:

1). Gross value of minerals and mine products: 100%
2). Property used for industrial purposes: 11.5%
3). All other property, real and personal: 9.5%

The assessed value is multiplied by the amount of mill levy that applies for the location of the property to get the amount of property tax due. One mill is $0.001 (1/1000 of a dollar). The 2003 mill levy in Campbell County ranges from 59.411 to 76.311 and averages 61.518.

Sample Calculation of Property Tax Levy:
Market Value of Residential/Commercial
Property: $100,000
Assessed Value of Property ($100,000 x 9.5%): $9,500
Levy (Average): $0.071
Total Property Tax ($9,500 x $0.071*): $674

Workers' Compensation: Costs vary from 0.92% to 12.24%, depending on the occupation. The rate is adjusted according to each business' record after two years.

Unemployment Compensation: An average rate for new employers for the first 24 months is 1.31% on the first $14,700 of annual wages. Adjustment factors are made after the initial period based on the employer's rating.

Sales, Use & Local Option Tax Collections


Agriculture Sector $2,045
Mining Sector $917,214
Construction Sector $126,164
Manufacturing Sector $117,140
Transportation Sector $52,903
Wholesale Trade Sector $425,758
Retail Trade Sector $1,674,567
Finance Sector $73,429
Service Sector $420,499
Public Administration $433,794
Total $4,243,513

Source: State of Wyoming, Department of Revenue & Dept. of Administration & Information, 2009.