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AIR SERVICE: Commercial service is available at the Gillette Airport - 76 miles from Newcastle and 48 miles from Upton. Commercial service is available at the Natrona International Airport in Casper. Delta, Skywest, United Express, Frontier, and Great Lakes Aviation provide daily departures with connections to Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT. Charter flights and rental cars are available at the airport.

In addition, Newcastle is served by Mondell Airport and Upton is served by Upton Municipal Airport, both are general aviation airports that feature 5,300 and 3,700 feet of concrete and shale surfaces, respectfully, and lighted runways. Courtesy cars are available.

RAIL SERVICE (Cargo): Burlington Northern Sante Fe (Cargo).

Highway System

Highway Routes / Newcastle: U.S. 85 and 16, Wyoming 450 and 116. The nearest interstate, I-90, is 47 miles away.

Highway Routes / Upton: U.S. 16 and Wyoming 116. The nearest interstate, I-90 is 20 miles away.

Bus Service: Powder River Transportation.

Parcel / Express Service: UPS and Federal Express.

Motor Carriers

Truck Service in Newcastle: Dixon Brothers, Krell Trucking, and Patton Trucking.

Truck Service in Upton: Dixon Brothers, Patton Trucking and Stevenson Trucking.

Parcel / Express Service: UPS, Federal Express, Air Borne Next Day and US Post Office Priority are available.

Bus Service: Shuttle services for Senior Citizens are available in Newcastle.


Black Hills Power supplies electricity to Newcastle and Upton. Powder River Energy supplies electricity to the rural areas in Weston County. Source Gas supplies natural gas to Newcastle and Northern Gas of Wyoming supplies natural gas to Upton. Water is supplied by individual cities. The infrastructures have been well maintained and have capacity for population, commercial and industrial growth.